Introducing Our New Site!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Sam Henley and I’ll be the public voice of the Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund here on our new website!

Let me tell you a little bit about the WFBF and then we’ll hop right into a “tour” of the new site!

The Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund was established by active volunteer firefighters for the Warsaw Fire Protection District who became aware that one of their own (Firefighter 137, Cady Robinson) developed severe health problems. Her treatment (without going into too much detail for HIPPA reasons) is going to cost a lot and this wonderful crew wanted to pull together to help her! (Amazing, right? This is why I love working with them!)

The WFBF is overseen by a board whose members include Dave Bruns, John Powell, Bill Simmons, Glenn Spencer, and myself. The board fulfills several jobs, including but not limited to: choosing the first responders who will receive assistance, generating and implementing ideas to raise money for the fund, seeking sponsors, organizing and holding events, and keeping the community engaged and informed of our efforts and progress!

Now on to the site “tour”, without further ado! First, we have our Home page which is where we outline the purpose and mission statement for the WFBF. Next comes the Events page where we list upcoming appearances and events. After that is the Photos page where you can find photos taken of and by the members of the WFBF at different events and while doing things to benefit the group. Following that is the Raffles page where we list upcoming raffles, drawings, silent auctions, etc. and the prize pools for each. Subsequently, the Sponsors page lists all of the individuals and businesses (those who wish to be named) who have donated items, money, given us a place to put the canisters, or contributed in some way to support the WFBF and our first responders. Our immense gratitude to these sponsors can never be put into words! Finally, we have our Blog feed where we will keep you updated on our progress, upcoming events, and any other information we need to release. We would love to have you subscribe to the blog so you can receive an email when it is updated!

We will be adding more pages as the need arises!

Above all, we want to thank the community for embracing our efforts to help first responders in need! Without you, all of this would not be possible!

Stay tuned for more information on how YOU can help!

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