A Heartfelt Thanks to a Hometown Restaurant!

In the process of creating a brand new benevolence fund in Warsaw, we were overwhelmed by the immediate response of the community at large! There was so much support!

One of the biggest contributors so far has been a hometown restaurant we’ve all known: Mom’s Kitchen!

When the owners and staff of Mom’s Kitchen found out about the Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund (and Cady in particular), they promptly jumped into action to support our fledgling organization!

On August 5, 2019, firefighters from the Warsaw Fire Protection District brought out fire trucks and set up tents in front of Mom’s Kitchen. The staff of the restaurant cooked up hamburgers, cheese burgers, and hot dogs to serve as part of the $5 meals to sell in the tent out front. The $5 meal included any one of the above plus a drink, chips, and a cookie. ALL of the money generated in the tent was donated to the WFBF!

Mom’s Kitchen went another HUGE step further. Michelle Crabtree (owner) pledged all of the proceeds from the sales inside the restaurant that day to the WFBF as well! As if that wasn’t already an overwhelmingly generous gesture, Michelle also pledged to continue fundraising in the restaurant throughout the month of August!

We were absolutely amazed, overwhelmed, and grateful for this small-town business who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for one of our local volunteer firefighters and the Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund!

A couple of weeks after that event, we were able to visit with members of the staff and the owners to take pictures with them and thank them for their donations!

Thank you to Vincent and Michelle Crabtree (Owners), Bonnie Kerley “Mom” (Manager), Wes Kerley (Assistant Manager and Butcher), James, Ray, Brandon, and Trevor (Cooks), Mindy, Missy, Macy, Angie (Waitresses), Dakota “The Fort Maker/Mascot”!

Michelle and the staff presented WFBF members with a check! Thank you so much! Words could never express our appreciation!

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