Thank You!

After the cookout, the fundraising, the events, and everything we did to achieve such success and support for our inaugural first responder in need effort, Cady Robinson (137), we wanted to wrap things up in a way to draw it to a conclusion everyone could enjoy!

This was the flyer for Cady!

We designed certificates of appreciation and thank you cards to distribute to the dozens of businesses, groups, and individuals who all gave something to the effort. Whether it was an item for the Silent Auction or Raffles, counter space for the containers , services from their businesses, time and help organizing events, or any other contributions they made, we knew the part we looked forward to was acknowledging the heart and spirit of a small town: taking care of each other!

Here is an example of one of the certificates!

In the spirit of this effort, members of our board made their rounds, passing out the certificates and cards. The recipients were thrilled and several now proudly display them in their businesses!

Here is a close up of the wording of the thank you cards:

We will begin our next fundraising effort after the first of the year. If you have a suggestion for a first responder in need, please email all pertinent information to so the board can bring it under consideration!

Thank you so much to you, the members, visitors, residents, and more who supported and continue to support our efforts to help first responders in Benton County!

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