We’re here to help you!!!

What can i request assistance for/about?


We can help with looming medical charges, deductibles, equipment, etc. We will need copies of the bill in question and we will have our billing specialist review the information to see if the bill can be lowered/negotiated prior to assisting with the payment.


Some first responders are volunteers (including all fire departments in Benton County), so you have regular jobs, too. If you have suffered a layoff (including those caused by the pandemic), we will need copies of the bills you need help with or if you are requesting other types of assistance, please submit your story to our board of directors for review!


Things break; it’s a fact of life. Whether you have a vehicle or home repair you need financial assistance with, submit your information to the WFBF for a chance to receive help from us!

Special cases/circumstances

Sometimes, there are bills and other things that creep up on us which we weren’t ready for nor anticipated. If you have a special case not listed above, please reach out to our board for consideration!

How to apply

Download the application here:

Fill out the application and submit it via mail or in person to:

Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund

108 E. Main St.

Warsaw, MO 65355

or email application and all paperwork/bills pertaining to the request to the following email addresses: and (that is a zero, not an “o”)