Greetings, all!

The inaugural Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund Car Wash was a HUGE hit, not only with the public, but also with our fantastic Warsaw Fire Protection District FIREFIGHTERS!

We had a sponsor for this event:

Napa Auto Parts!

The great folks at Napa provided us with the buckets, sponges, brushes, shammies, and car wash soap to run this whole event!

We can’t thank them enough for showing their support for the community and their local firefighters!

Click the photo to visit their Facebook page!

Bright and early, a full team of WFBF and WFPD members were up and at Station 1 in Warsaw, packing items into fire trucks and the rehab van. There are A LOT of small moving parts to pulling off an event. My hat is off to not only the people who take the helm, but also to the people who support them. There will never be a time when one person can think of EVERYTHING, nor remember everything. It takes a STRONG team to do the things fire departments and other organizations do.

So, let us thank the fantastic firefighters who were able to help us with the car wash:

The car wash took place in the parking lot of All-American Heating and Cooling, which is owned by Captain John Powell. Volunteer firefighters arrived as early as 9 in the morning to set up the tent and tables, gather the car washing supplies donated by NAPA, create signs to place by the road, and get in place for the car wash. A drop tank from Tanker 23 was put down and filled with water to serve as a kid’s pool while the cars were being washed.

WFBF President Sam Henley did livestreams on our Facebook page (Warsaw Firefighters Benevolence Fund @65355wf) at the beginning of the car wash and randomly during the day to help with advertising our location, our price, and how long we would stay out for the event.

Among the day’s supporters were an officer of the Warsaw Police Department, Tolliver’s Towing, a mail carrier from Rural Carrier, and a reporter from the Benton County Enterprise!

The total amount raised from washing cars and donations from this event was just over $1700.00!

Thank you, WARSAW!!!

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